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Women Who Rock Vox!

During women’s month 2020 we showcased some of our favorite female artists who rock VOX!

Lindsay Ell, Yvette Young & Linda Perry.


Lindsay Ell:

At the early age of 8, Lindsay picked up the guitar for the first time and there was no turning back. Curious & eager to explore her instrument & the different sounds she could create, she fast became a staple in the Rock/Country community using her custom painted guitars and AC30S1, creating such hits as “Criminal,” and her duet hit with Brantley Gilbert, “What Happens In A Small Town!” The influence of Bonnie Raitt helped shape the woman in music she is today, and it truly shows.


Yvette Young:

Covet guitarist Yvette Young found her voice when she discovered FACGCE tuning and math-rock bands like Toe. She is known for her two-hand tapping and open tuning methods, making her style of playing truly unique. She believes that representation is one of the most important things as a female artist & hopes to inspire women in the industry by just getting up on stage and doing what she loves. She encourages others to find their voice, figure out what they stand for and stick with it. We’re proud to be featuring Yvette in our “Women Who Rock VOX” series this Women’s Month!


Linda Perry:

At a very young age, she gravitated towards music. She was inspired by Karen Carpenter, whose captivating voice & simple lyrics could make such a poetic and emotional connection to so many. Since being part of the group «The 4 Non-Blondes,» Linda has become a well-known producer known for making heartfelt hits for artists such as Adele & Christina Aguilera. She wants young women to know that you don’t always have to be the pop-star, you can be behind the scenes and be just as influential to so many.”