Valvenergy 2nd Series FUEL INJECTOR

Valvenergy 2nd Series


Sku: VE-FI

Product Description

An Overdrive with Distinct Tube-like Response and Rich Harmonics, Featuring Organic Distortion

FUEL INJECTOR offers a distinctive overdrive with clean characteristics, rich harmonics, and a natural sense of compression and bite. Developed by amp manufacturer VOX, this overdrive pedal stands out for its amp-like distortion, in contrast to typical pedal distortions. Unlike effects that color the tone like preamp-style pedals, FUEL INJECTOR preserves its natural characteristics while distorting through Nutube, providing a tone that sounds as if your connected amp is pushed into even more distortion. Compared to many drive pedals, including TS-style ones, it features overwhelming harmonic components and a pronounced compression characteristic reminiscent of a tube amp. The harmonic richness created by distorting Nutube in multiple stages, along with the bias variations unique to tubes, produces a resonant tone, capturing the essence of an amp-like sound.

This characteristic allows for a pleasant drive sound when utilizing this pedal with a clean amp setting. FUEL INJECTOR adds a “resilience” to the sound, lifting up gracefully even during bends, ensuring that the player’s expression is conveyed seamlessly. Whether driving a clean amp with this pedal or using it as a booster for a slightly crunchy amp, it will undoubtedly prove powerful and effective.



INPUT terminal (monaural phone jack), OUTPUT terminal (monaural phone jack), DC.9V terminal


DRIVE: Adjusts the amount of distortion.

TONE: Adjusts the high-frequency content.

LEVEL: Controls the output volume.

Switch: Allows you to choose between two modes.

NATURAL: The fundamental mode.

FAT: Delivers a thicker tone, ideal when combined with single-coil pickups.

Power Supply*

9V alkaline batteries (6LF22/6LR62) or DC.9V AC adapter (both sold separately)

*: The use of an AC adaptor is recommended as the unit’s power consumption is relatively high. Should you prefer to use batteries, please use the alkaline type.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

72mm x 120mm x 55mm (plug retracted/ VE-TS H:54mm)


300 g (excluding batteries)


AC adapter KA181(9V) (sold separately)


*The color tone of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.


VOX R&D Explain the VALVENERGY Pedals

VOX R&D Explain the VALVENERGY Pedals

VOX Valvenergy – Valve Distortion Pedals


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