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While many VOX guitars of the sixties were known for unusual body shapes and on-board effects, other models like the Bobcat and Lynx combined conventional thinline bodies with the iconic single-coil VOX pickups to create a unique mixture of guitar-making tradition and rock ‘n’ roll rebellion.  The Bobcat reboots this concept for the 21st century, with vintage style, improved playability, and updated sound to meet the needs of modern musicians.

The vintage lineage shows in the laminated maple body, pearloid block position markers, and knurled aluminum control knobs.  To this stylishly retro foundation, the new Bobcats add a comfortable set neck, a weight-relieved spruce center block, and a fixed tune-o-matic bridge.  These new features work together for better playability and more resonance, sustain, and feedback resistance – all while remaining as feather-light as the hollow body originals.

The newest models feature a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece- a tailpiece loved by guitar players for many years- and come in two enticing color options: Jet Black and Sapphire Blue.


With the S66’s unique single coil pickup configuration, it is possible to fashion bright and glassy tones unlike typical semi-hollow body guitars. The S66 pickups are housed in the familiar rectangular covers and made with time-tested materials like alnico magnets and vulcanized fiber.  The magnet configuration and coil characteristics have been tuned to deliver the sweet chime of classic single coils, with individual volume controls to make it easy to find familiar tones – and entirely new ones.

See the Bobcat S66

See the Bobcat S66 Bigsby


The V90 model is equipped with original soapbar style pickups that take the familiar VOX single coil into new sonic territory. With flat pole pieces, our V-90 pickup provides a brilliant sparkle to the top end, while maintaining the power and warmth synonymous with pickups of this kind. Made with premium materials like vulcanized fiber flatwork and alnico rod magnets, the hybrid design of the V90 delivers a versatile combination of power and single-coil clarity regulated by individual volume and tone controls.

See the Bobcat V90

See the Bobcat V90 Bigsby