Semi-Hollow Body

V90 soapbar pickups with Strat-type pole magnets

Weight-relieved center block

Product Description

A modern revival of VOX history

The VOX Bobcat and Lynx semi-hollow body guitars were produced in Italy during the mid-1960s. They featured unusual pickup configurations and a distinct look, which we have revived in the new Bobcat V90. As befitting their revival, we have kept the historic design of these guitars unchanged, but brought them up to date by improving their playability, controlling acoustic feedback, and raising the performance of the pickups. 

With the original V90 pickups, the Bobcat v90 provides a wide range of punchy warm tones while maintaining the  glassy single-coil vibe. With a variety of tones and a comfortable feel, the Bobcat V90 is a great tool for any recording or gigging musician.

New pickups with a plethora of tones

The pickups in the Bobcat are modeled after the original Italian-made pickups, but with improvements in the voicing. The Bobcat V90 is equipped with two original soapbar style pickups, which utilize flat-pole pieces instead of the typical screw pole pieces. This allows players to achieve bright single-coil sounds while maintaining the warmth and punch that is synonymous with soapbar-style pickups and semi-hollow body guitars. This diverse sonic pallet allows the guitar to be perfect for a plethora of genres and styles.

Improved playability

Unlike the original models which came with a bolt-on-neck, the neck joint of the Bobcat v90 uses a set neck method that makes it easy to play even on the higher frets. The fixed Tune-o-matic bridge allows the optimal neck angle for easy playing, significantly improving the playability when compared to the original.

Weight relieved spruce center block

The semi-hollow body structure uses a weight-relieved Spruce center block, increasing sustain and dynamics, while being resistant to feedback even at high volume levels. This allows the guitar to pick up subtle and nuanced playing, without having to worry about feedback issues that semi-hollow body guitars are known to have. Furthermore, this construction of the center block also factors into why the guitar is extremely light weight, making it an ideal tool for gigging.

Grover® Sta-Tite™tuning pegs

These tuning pegs were specifically selected to improve tuning stability, clearly transfer string resonance to the headstock, and to minimize the weight of the headstock. This provides consistent and clear sounds and an amazingly balanced feel.

black VOX Bobcat electric guitar
red VOX Bobcat electric guitar
VOX Bobcat electric guitar
Color: Black

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red VOX Bobcat electric guoitar

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Laminated Maple construction
Weight-relieved Spruce center block
5-ply white top binding
Single-ply white back binding
44mm (1 3/4″) rim thickness


3-Tone Sunburst, Cherry Red, Black, Italian Green, Sapphire Blue


Modern C-shape
43mm (1 11/16″) nut width


Premium Macassar Ebony fingerboard
Single-ply white binding
22 frets, 2.4 x 1.3mm (.095″ x .050″)


635mm (25″) scale length


Grover® Sta-Tite™ tuning keys


2 Vox V90 soapbar pickups with Alnico magnets and vulcanized fiber construction


2 Volume, 2 Tone, with vintage-style knurled aluminum knobs


416mm (16 3/8″) wide x 1060mm (41 3/4″) long
Aproximately 3.1kg (approximately 7 lbs)


Hardshell case
Wrench for truss rod adjustments

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

red VOX Bobcat electric guitar


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