Available in a range of lush finishes

Designed with even greater playability in mind

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 Bright acoustic sounds with a look that matches perfectly.

 Introducing the VGA-5TPS; an archtop electric-acoustic guitar with the tones of a flat top acoustic, and exhibiting lavish new finishes to leave a lasting impression.

Building upon the compact archtop body of the VGA-3PS, the new VGA-5TPS model features an even slimmer body that’s more comfortable and comes in extravagant new colors and enhanced cosmetics.

Along with stunning new looks, the VGA-5TPS keeps the Super Capacitor Preamp System that provides rich and bright electric acoustic guitar sound. This system features tone control that makes this guitar adaptable to a variety of playing styles and provides around 10 consecutive hours of playing on just a 15-minute charge.

With incredible sound, style, finish and comfort, the VGA 5TPS is ideal for performing on stage, playing on the go, laying down tracks across a wide range of musical styles or just relaxing at home.


– Offered in three lush and unique colors: Pearl White, Pearl Rose, and Natural Green Metallic.

– Designed for even greater playability and light weight for prolonged performance comfort.

– Bindings, block inlays, and other cosmetic elements add to the high-class image and feel.

– A hybrid bridge made of wood and aluminum provides a dynamic, delicate, and highly flexible range of sounds, all faithfully captured by the high-quality piezo pickups.

– The Super Capacitor Preamp System provides plenty of tonal options all stored discreetly under the pickguard. The volume knob, tone knob, and low-cut trim pot delivers precise and immediate shaping of tones, and the preamp can be used for approx. 10 hours on a 15-minute charge.

– Features our specially designed VOX string mute behind the bridge to eliminate unwanted over-ring resulting in rich, clean, untampered tones.

Designed with even greater playability in mind

The Giuliettas are lightweight, compact guitars, and the VGA-5TPS also prioritizes comfort and ease of use. Despite being an archtop acoustic guitar, the thinline body provides a comfortable fit, and the original Hybrid bridge system allows for easy adjustments of the string height—something that’s not easy to do with a typical acoustic guitar.

Cosmetic upgrades including multilayered bindings and elegant block inlays

The VGA-5TPS features five-layered binding on the body delivering an elevated feel of luxury, and the block inlays on the fingerboard combine to work perfectly with the vibrant finishes.

Hybrid bridge system

The proprietary, patented hybrid bridge system developed by VOX is made of laminated wood and aluminum. The bridge also features our proprietary piezo pickup system resulting in a bright, fast attack along with rich, defined sustains. Together, these components offer improved sensitivity to dynamics, balanced frequencies, and a sustain that rivals that of flat-top acoustic guitars. This bridge also helps reduce feedback significantly.

Features VOX’s proprietary string mute

All guitars in the VOX Giulietta lineup feature a removable string mute which solves the common problem of the piezo picking up the over-ring of the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece, an issue almost synonymous with archtop acoustic guitars.

VOX Super Capacitor Preamp System

The preamp system on the VOX Giulietta series enhances the acoustically rich signal, making it all the more expressive and dynamic while fully retaining the organic feel of the tone. The preamp and control are mounted underneath the pickguard, allowing the top wood to freely resonate without the weight of the electronic parts affecting the performance in any way. The preamp system also features a low-cut control to adjust the low-end response so that you can achieve a wide variety of tones to match all kinds of styles.

A Super Capacitor is used for the power supply. Power is supplied via a mini-USB jack, located alongside the output jack on the side of the guitar. A 15-minute recharge gives you around 10 hours of continuous use.

Color: Pearl Rose

Amp Controls

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Body: Maple: Maple plywood top, side, and back

Neck: Set Mahogany, tilt headstock

Fretboard: Baked Jatoba (stabilized through a special drying process)

Position marks: Block inlay

Binding: 5-layered binding on the top and back

Fingerboard Radius: 310mm

Fret: 22 medium jumbo frets

Scale length: 24 3/4″ (628 mm)

Neck shape: “C” Shape

Nut width: 42 mm (1.65″)

Tuner: Gotoh SD381

Pickup: Piezo pickup under bridge saddle

Preamp: Super Capacitor preamp with USB quick charging feature

Bridge: Hybrid System with wood/aluminum construction

Controls: Master volume- pickguard mounted, Master tone- pickguard mounted, Active/passive switch to turn off preamp, Low cut trim pot, adjusted with a small flat blade screwdriver

Output: Guitar output jack (1/4″ phone type)

Input: Mini USB for charging

Accessories: Owner’s manual, adjustment wrench, mini USB charging cable, gig bag


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