artist, Jay Mehler, playing electric guitar in front of VOX amplifier
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Jay Mehler

“I’m a huge Beatles fan and I remember the VOX name from the first day I saw them playing with one in the Hard Day’s Night movie. It’s a bit of a romantic thing too… but what I will say is that it totally lives up to my image of it as a powerful amplifier with a great sound.

I was playing through a lot of amplifiers, and there was a warmth missing from my sound. We use so many different tones. I needed an amp that would retain all those sounds, that would keep me in those frequencies at a loud level, but with some warmth there too. With the AC30 we were still able to keep the sound warm.

It’s certainly made my life a lot easier. I never have to worry about what to tweak on the amp, or about adding EQ; it means I can concentrate on my pedals and all the variables. I let them be my problem and not the amp.“


Jay Mehler is currently touring with former Oasis and Beady Eye lead singer Liam Gallagher on his first solo tour.