VOX has a history of pioneering electric guitar technology. The onboard electronics on the exciting new Starstream line introduces a fresh new approach to the modern electric guitar. Equipped with the innovative AREOS-D system, this new line embodies a sleek, cutting-edge design from VOX. 

Starstream Type 1 Plus Mahogany

VOX’s versatile modeling guitar is now even better with an updated mahogany model and a new passive mode, the ultimate product for players looking to expand on what the electric guitar can do.

  • Passive mode that lets you perform without the need for battery power
  • The AREOS-D system has been refined to make on-board sounds even better
  • Ergonomic frame construction with wood body; smoothly shaped neck; Passive humbuckers & on-board piezo system
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Starstream Type 1

With truly unique, three dimensionally contoured construction and an exclusively developed AEROS-D system, the VOX Starstream Type 1 is a revolutionary instrument that brings new and exciting possibilities to guitarists.

  • Exclusively developed AREOS-D system uses the guitar’s traditional magnetic pickups to create the electric guitar sounds for greater realism and accuracy.
  • Nine banks of instruments, with three variations in each, plus two user banks to store up to six favorite sounds.
  • Simple, intuitive volume, tone and three-way switch make changing models and sounds quick and easy. 
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Starstream Type 1 Plus

While carrying on the novel frame design, the carefully-calculated body balance, the new Starstream Type 1 Plus has been given some player-focused updates.

  • Newly featured is a much-requested passive mode that lets you perform with the Starstream without the need to supply battery power to the modeling system.
  • Additionally, the onboard sounds have received a detailed tune-up, making them even more useful and inspiring.
  • Realistic modeling sound powered by the AREOS-D system.
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