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Unique exquisite design and a perfect body balance. With its distinctive shape, lightweight body, short scale, and Aguilar pick-ups, the Starstream Bass is finally here.

The Starstream lineup has now been expanded to include two bass models – the 2S with two Aguilar® jazz-type pickups, and the 1H with an Aguilar® humbucker pickup. While it features the same frame structure and body balance, the Starstream Bass also adopts a short scale length and compact body to remain lightweight and functional. This bass will be perfect for all players, as the Aguilar® pickups and on-board preamp provide a rich sound quality and flexibility.

Ergonomic Frame structure for a perfect body balance
This sleek design with a frame structure is not only aesthetically pleasing, it provides the perfect balance that will make playing comfortable and easy.
30 inch (770 mm) short scale
While the scale used on most bass guitars is 34 inches, the Starstream Bass has adopted a 30 inch scale. This will not only make it easier to play, but also more compact and lighter than other models, so you can carry it around with ease.

Aguilar® OBP-2 preamplifier
The highly renowned Aguilar® OBP-2 preamp used in the Starstream Bass provides a sound quality a notch above the rest. With its capability to boost/cut by +/-18dB at 40HZ as well as to treble boost/cut by +/-16dB at 6.5kHz, you can adjust and mix to get exactly the tone you’re going for.
Aguilar® AG 4J-70 jazz-type pickups

The 2S model comes equipped with Aguilar® AG 4J-70 pickups which offer excellent articulation across the frequency spectrum. A distinctive middle high range boost reminiscent of a popular 1970’s Jazz Bass will help you cut through the mix while still maintaining a bright and deep sound. This pickup is also optimal for 70’s rock, or even Funk, R&B and other styles with Slap bass. This distinctive sound has been achieved by a special coil wrapping and refined design to reproduce the original iconic sound.

GOTOH machine heads and bridge
The hardware, tuner machine heads and bridge, used on the Starstream Bass have been carefully selected to provide the best possible playing experience.

black VOX electric guitar
white VOX electric guitar
red VOX electric guitar
closeup of body of black VOX electric guitar
closeup of body of white VOX electric guitar
closeup of body of red VOX electric guitar
Color: MBMB (Frame and body: Metal Black)





770mm (30.32″) Scale Length
21 x Medium Jumbo Frets
Maple Fingerboard
38mm (1.496″) Nut


Gotoh 201-B4 CR


2 x Aguilar AG 4J-70

Onboard PreAmp

Aguilar® OBP-2


2 x Volume (1 x per pickup), Pickup Selector Toggle Switch, 1 x Treble, 1 x Bass (tone knobs are stacked)


1 x Normal Guitar Jack

Power Requirements

2 x 9v Batteries (included)

Accessories (included)

1 x Saddle Adjustment Wrench
1 x Neck Adjustment Wrench
2 x 9v Alkaline Batteries (for checking the instrument purpose only)
1 x Gig bag

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white VOX electric guitar


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