Valvenergy 2nd Series

Effets / Valvenergy 2nd Series

The Valvenergy 2nd Series adds four new models to the lineup.

All models are equipped with the next-generation Nutube tube, and include a booster (Power Burst), a tube compressor (Smooth Impact), an overdrive (Fuel Injector), and a graphic equalizer (Tone Sculptor); a complete set of effects that are a must-have for guitarists. The pedals are designed to take full advantage of the characteristics of the guitars, effects pedals, and amplifiers combined before and after the pedal, and are simple and natural pedals that you will never get bored with and will want to play forever.

The VOX original sound that cannot be categorized as a « -type » sound, and the organic tube-like sound that cannot be imitated anywhere else by utilizing Nutube, have been voiced through repeated trial and error and adjustments.

Newly Developed Buffer Circuit

To harness the full potential of Nutube, a high-quality buffer was essential for the initial stage, serving as the guitar’s primary entry point. Consequently, we engineered a dedicated buffer circuit to meet this requirement. When the effects are deactivated, the Nutube functions as a buffered bypass, providing a natural response and a light feel akin to plugging a 3-meter shield directly into the amp. With the effects activated, the buffer’s traits are synergized with Nutube’s distinctive compression, resulting in a playing experience that is both light and easy, with nuances that enhance your performance.

Sound-Inspired Etched Design

The top panel of the new chassis features an etched design inspired by the unique sound of each effect pedal. The visual appeal of an effects pedal on a board is a crucial consideration in selecting your gear. The organic design of the Valvenergy series is sure to enhance the overall aesthetics of your board with a cool and distinctive touch.