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Vox AC-HWR AC30HWRH V212HWRX on white


V212 Hand-Wired X Cabinet

Sku: V212HWXG2

Product Description


The AC-HWR series reproduces the vintage VOX tone through meticulous research. In the search for the essence of the classic vintage AC30 amp sound, we conducted a detailed analysis and study on mint condition AC15 and AC30s from the 1960s to truly uncover and understand the inner workings of these legendary amplifiers. The culmination of these efforts has resulted in the emergence of the new VOX AC Hand-Wired Range of amplifiers: the greatest VOX amps we have ever produced.

The rarity of vintage amplifiers contributes significantly to their high value, but equally impactful is the distinctive sound inherent in vintage amps. Despite the AC30 being manufactured with nearly identical circuitry since the 1960s, the character of vintage units is often described as being almost beyond description, possessing a rich and musical quality that i s equally unmistakable and mysterious. We aimed to unravel the secrets of this sound, bringing the vintage magic to the musicians of today.

The V212 Hand-Wired X guitar cabinet is equipped with Celestion Alnico Blue speakers and built to the same specs as the combo amp cabinets. It is designed to be paired with the AC30 Hand-Wired Head,  but can also be used with any guitar amplifier head as an extension or upgrade.

1. Searching for the classic VOX Vintage Sound

We carefully examined the thickness of the materials used, as the vintage AC30 employed slightly thinner cabinet materials, contributing to a rich and expansive midrange. Our new cabinet design employs the same thickness of material as the vintage amp, helping to deliver a faithful sound reproduction.

Amp Controls

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Product Downloads

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Speaker Configuration

12” 116Ω Celestion Alnico Blue x 1

Dimensions (W x D x H)

705 x 260 x 250 mm



Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

Vox AC-HWR AC30HWRH V212HWRX on white


Find a Dealer for the V212 Hand-Wired X Cabinet

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