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Unparalleled sound quality and noise cancelling; a new era in headphones for guitarists and bass players.

Vox, the home of legendary guitar tone for over 60 years, proudly announces the ideal headphones for every guitarist – the VH-Q1. You can now have the one set of headphones that provides the highest quality noise cancelling, a powerful set of controls, unique musical features to enhance your practice all while delivering unparalleled sound quality.


The VOX VH-Q1 uses a very new kind of Bluetooth headphone technology, developed to  deliver unsurpassed high definition sound for your music. Combining state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancelling, incoming sound attenuation and an array of smart features, the VH-Q1 headphones provide a flexible, controllable, powerful and great-sounding experience. Whether you’re practicing, listening to your favorite music or chatting with family and friends on your Bluetooth connected smart device, the VH-Q1 is the only set of headphones guitarists and bassists will ever need.


–        Clear, precise High-resolution audio with wide frequency response

–        Outstanding Noise Cancelling and Sound Filtering

–        Attenuation function for noisy environments

–        Smart monitoring with Sound enhancing (Volume/EQ control)

–        Controls that are easy to access, intuitive and flexible

–        Bluetooth, Siri/Google assistant, popular CODECs supported

–        Hands-free calling with Clear audio and beamforming combined with the latest and most advanced codecs for clear voice pickup and reception

–         Rechargeable battery; 36 hours of use on a single charge

–      Fast 40msec latency in the VH-Q1 (important for gaming as well as playing)

–        Carry case (pouch), flight adaptor, connection cable (in addition to Bluetooth)


Amazing Sound Quality

Whether playing back your favourite music, making calls or practising your electric, acoustic or bass guitar the sound in your headphones must be the best quality possible. The VH-Q1 has been voiced to give you the very best possible listening experience – all in one set of headphones.


The perfect tool for acoustic guitar and vocal training


With its powerful monitoring technology, the VH-Q1 can pick up and isolate the frequencies of your acoustic guitar or even your voice via its microphone. This sound will go to your headphones and be played free of noises and all other impurities, leaving only what you want to hear; a pristine and good sounding tone. Then, you can feed an audio source through either Bluetooth or any other external input (via the included cable) Adjust the volume of the monitoring sound and the external audio to find the perfect balance.


Full-Connectivity, Easy control

Compatible with a wide variety of Bluetooth codecs (SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-xLLC, APTx-HD), the VH-Q1 also gives users remote access to both Google Assistant and Siri, and its dedicated beamforming processing assures the clearest voice signal during hands-free calls, so you are always well connected with the world around you!


The VH-Q1 combines physical buttons and switches with a tactile responsive earcup, for a fast, precise and intuitive control. With just a simple tap, or hold, it is easy to activate or deactivate sound for one or both ears.  “Multi-Function switch” makes it is easy to activate play / pause / rewind / fast forward / skip functions!

If you need to remove your headphones, the smart transport control function will automatically stop remotely the audio stream on your playback device and restart it automatically when you put them on again, so you don’t miss a note of your favorite music!


Pristine sound and professional performance

The VH-Q1 features a wide frequency and harmonic response along with a wide dynamic range for a precise, clear and well-balanced sound with a 41mm custom PEEK high-grade film diaphragm for excellent sound. The adaptable ear cushion and over the ear cup provide not only excellent noise isolation, but also the highest comfort while delivering pristine sound.


Made to the highest professional standards, the VH-Q1 headphones reproduce High resolution audio and with two (left and right) AUDIO IN physical inputs in addition to Bluetooth, the VH-Q1 headphones can be connected to any audio player device, mixer or audio interface (Stereo minijack cable and 3.5mm→6.35 mm stereo converter plug included).



The VH-Q1 features an advanced Noise-Cancelling system, utilizing both Feed-forward and Feedback Active Noise Cancelling technology that is tuned to the highest quality sound of your music playback and your guitar or bass. Unlike most other Noise Cancelling headphones, the VH-Q1 has microphones on both the inside and outside of the ear cup that accurately suppress a wide range of frequencies and auto-adjust according to the external sound environment.


Its powerful attenuation function allows the VH-Q1 to work better than other headphones at minimizing noise levels = while retaining the highest quality sound. So not only can you practice quietly but you can hear every detail of your playing while filtering out unnecessary background noise.



The adaptable ear cushion (made of viscoelastic memory foam, like high quality pillows) over the ear cup provides not only the highest comfort, but also the best fit around your ear, providing  excellent noise isolation not letting any sound in or out, and assuring the microphones placed inside and outside the earcup pick up the appropriate sound  for highly precise and accurate noise cancelling.


The VH-Q1 goes one step further than most other headphones: the noises we hear come not only from the outside world, but also our own body, transmitted to our ears through the headband of our headphones. By using a special frame structure, the VH-Q1 minimizes these noises and provides an unparalleled audio experience!


Unique Vox Design

Available in two gorgeous colors, Black/Gold, and White/Pink Gold, the inner part of the earpad is decorated using the iconic VOX diamond pattern. Now you can wear VOX’s legacy wherever you go!

Vox VHQ1 headphones in black with gold accents
white VOX headphone
Color: Black/Gold


Colors available

Black or White

Type of headphone

Dynamic / Closed headphones

Diaphragm materials

5 layers of PEEK & PU

Frequency response

10 Hz – 25,000 Hz

Types of EQ available

6 (Guitar basic / Guitar big / Guitar bright / Bass big / Bass bright / Flat)


stereo mini cable, Airplane Headphone Adapter, USB 2.0 (to charge battery), Bluetooth 5.0

Internal Battery

1,200mA Lithium Polymer Battery

Charging time

3.5h – 6h (approx.)

Battery Life

36 hours (maximum)

Compatible Bluetooth codecs


Dimensions (W x D x H)

158.5 mm x 204.0 mm x 84.0 mm

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

Vox VHQ1 headphones in black with gold accents


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