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Dynamic Looper

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As a group, guitarists have always been noted for exploring new sounds and developing unexpected performance techniques that astonish and delight the listener. This in turn has fueled a vast array of equipment designed to stimulate and inspire the guitarist’s creativity. The VOX Dynamic Looper is just such a product, ideal for the guitarist who seeks this type of new expressive power. Combining versatile effects, two independent loops, and intuitive “wah-style” footpedal control, the Dynamic Looper allows the player to develop their sound in nearly limitless ways. Just plug in, and you’ll be creating phrases you never dreamed of, and enjoying the dramatic new world of loop performance techniques.


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VOX VDL1 Specifications


Pre effects: 11 categories

PEDAL (Clean/Comp/Crunch/Overdrive/Distortion)
WAH (Clean/Comp/Crunch/Overdrive/Distortion)
MOD (Chorus 1/Chorus 2/Flanger/Phaser/Tremolo)
BASS (Electric 1-4/Synth 1/ Synth 2)
ACOUSTIC (4 types)
EQ (6 types)
DELAY (Short/Clean/Analog/Tape/BPMSync 1-3)
REVERB (Spring/Room/Hall)
SCI-FI (Drone 1-3/Synth 1-3/SlowAttack)

Loop effects: 11 categories

VOLUME (Current/Loop1-2/ALL)
X-FADE (Input-Loop/Loop1-Loop2)
REVERSE (X-fade/Alternate)
FILTER (4 types)

Master limiter: 2 types (Soft, Hard)

Stop modes: 3 types (Delay, Fade Out, Phrase End)

Number of programs: 100 (50 preset, 50 user)

Loop Specs

Maximum recording time:

total of 90 seconds

Number of loops:


Audio inputs:

INPUT jack (monaural) MIC IN jack (balanced XLR, phantom power not supported) MIC IN TRIM knob (for mic)

Audio output:

OUTPUT jack (monaural)

Signal processing:

A/D conversion=24-bit; D/A conversion=24-bit

Sampling frequency:

44.1 kHz

Dynamic range:

94 dB or better

Maximum input level:

+7 dBu (typ.)

Power supply:

AC adapter (DC 9V jack), STANDBY switch

Current consumption:

140 mA

Dimensions (W x D x H):

264 x 245 x 76 mm/10.39 x 9.65 x 2.99 Inches


2.2 kg/4.85 lbs.

Included items:

AC adapter, Program list

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

Les spécifications et caractéristiques sont susceptibles d'être modifiées sans préavis.

VOX Dynamic Looper

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