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macOS Catalina support for VOX Products


Thank you for using VOX products.

We apologize to users of our products who have been inconvenienced by being unable to use them in a macOS Catalina environment.

1. Support for macOS Catalina

If you use the default Apple driver to connect your VOX product to your Mac, you’ll be able to use it with the exception of some Editors. This requires you to uninstall the previously-installed VOX USB-MIDI Driver. For the uninstallation method, refer to section “2” below.

Regarding editor/plug-in editor support for each product, refer to the most recent OS compatibility table.

2.Uninstalling the VOX USB-MIDI Driver

Use the following procedure to uninstall the USB-MIDI Driver.

(1) To uninstall the VOX USB-MIDI driver, download the uninstaller from here, and run it.

* Use this to uninstall the VOX USB-MIDI Driver as well.

(2) When driver uninstallation is completed, restart the computer, use a USB cable to connect the VOX product, and start the software that you use. The connected device is detected by the default Apple driver.

Thank you for your continued use of VOX products.

November 29, 2019, VOX Amplification LTD.